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Math-U-See is a complete Primary - Secondary level, skill-based, multi-sensory math program that works well in a variety of learning environments. The Math-U-See program helps produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math. Students learn math concepts, ideas, and applications, and the facts, rules, and formulas that support them. Math-U-See is a multimedia, manipulative maths programme that really works! Math-U-See is a mastery based, sequential programme so one complete skill is learnt before another one is introduced.
Designed and produced in the USA, the DVDs are American but we sell the New Zealand Edition Student Kits and Instruction Manuals, so the books use metric measurements. Used successfully by many hundreds of NZ families, you don't have to be a maths expert to begin to teach maths successfully and your students don't have to struggle with maths any more.

All textbooks are wire spiral bound with a matt plastic cover front and back unless otherwise stated.

Request our free Demo DVD if you want to see this programme for yourself.

Download the Math-U-See Pretest

You can use the ONLINE PLACEMENT TESTS here.

Check out Math-U-See's PARENT RESOURCES page.

Try the WORKSHEET GENERATOR for additional worksheets if you feel that your student needs more practice on a particular topic or you may choose to let them use the ONLINE DRILL Page.

For the full Math-U-See story, video demonstrations and additional online tools view at

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