Sequential Spelling

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Looking for ways to help your children learn to read, write, spell, and enjoy learning?

AVKO is a non-profit organization that specializes in teaching dyslexics how to read, write, spell and type. AVKO develops books and materials utilizing the multi-sensory approach (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, Oral) that can be used with anyone and by anyone. AVKO materials and methods are all common-sense and effective with those we have worked with: young and old, dyslexic and non-dyslexic. AVKO helps Parents, Homeschoolers, and Educators who are looking for ways to help those students who just don't seem to learn like the others.  

All products, except for the Sequentional Spelling and Student Response books, are wire spiral bound with quaility card and plastic covers front and back.

Learnex Educational Services is the authorized distributor of AVKO Sequential Spelling in New Zealand

Learnex Educational Services
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