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If the dyslexic (non-reader or poor reader) hears the word (Audio) and sees the word (Visual) as he types the word (Kinesthetic) and says (or subvocalizes) the word (Oral) the dyslexic will be using a multi-sensory approach to learning spelling patterns and phonically regular words as he learns the keyboard.   This is what the word AVKO stands for:  Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, Oral.

View sample lessons and demonstrations at AVKO's website.

Individualised Keyboarding utilises a multi-sensory approach (as most of our AVKO products do) to teach typing skills.

This not only teaches typing skills, it also reinforces the reading patterns that are necessary for typing proficiency. Good readers have built-in automatic responses to spelling patterns. Poor readers don't yet have the patterns locked into their God-given computer brains, so they must type letter-by-letter which slows them down and increases the likelihood of mistakes. AVKO's method of teaching is by patterns. Learning the spelling patterns and typing in patterns makes it much easier to learn how to type.

Even the most severely dyslexic/dysgraphic student can begin the learning-to-read and spell process while he thinks he is just learning the keyboard so that he can make better use of a computer.