Sequential Spelling 2 DVD - Version 2.5

Sequential Spelling 2 DVD - Version 2.5

Sequential Spelling 2 DVD - Version 2.5

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Now students can learn spelling on their own, with minimal assistance from the teacher, while still getting the benefits of AVKO's premiere multi-sensory system. This computer based Sequential Spelling program is delivered for you, complete with contextual sentences and word parts displayed in contrasting colours.
As students recognise more and more patterns and begin to spell words correctly that they've never seen before - all without "studying" - their confidence and spelling skills soar.

The student only needs to be able to pause and restart their computer's media player for interactive instruction.

Everyone should start with Sequential Spelling DVD 1. It may be easy at first, but it gets much harder quickly. A reading or spelling ability of about Year 2 is necessary to use Sequential Spelling effectively.

View video demonstrations and DVD specifications at AVKO's website.

Sequential Spelling DVD 2 continues the journey to the next level on spelling mastery. The program develops further word patterns that form the building blocks of English spelling.

Some of the word Family patterns that are covered in Sequential Spelling DVD 2  : -ob, -ack, -eam, -ame, -ab, -ir, -ub, -ew, -aws.

Representative words the student can expect to learn: creek, feast, swing, nephew, packed toaster, rejoice, renew.