Fitzroy Word Families B

Fitzroy Word Families B

Fitzroy Word Families B

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The Fitzroy Word Families are great for word formation. (They should not be used instead of the Fitzroy Readers, which introduce the essential basic sounds and digraphs.) 

Some students, who have been exposed to conflicting methods for learning to read, can become confused and resistant to instruction.

The Fitzroy Word Families get around this problem by simply providing one short list of words per day.  All words on the list are spelled and sounded the same way.  The student responds with a simple exercise – depending on ability, draw, copy, complete, or (if able) use each word in a sentence.

The Word Families employ simple association:  the student remembers which words go together in sound and spelling.   The reading and writing steadily improves.

The Word Families books also contain spelling tests designed not only to evaluate the current reading level of your child, but also to diagnose specific areas that need improvement.

Used in conjunction with the Fitzroy Readers these work books will be very helpful to struggling readers.