Fitzroy Sounding Readers 31-40

Fitzroy Sounding Readers 31-40

Fitzroy Sounding Readers 31-40

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Fitzroy Sounding Readers are the most powerful literacy aid Fitzroy have ever made. Especially for people who have never learned how to read phonically. It directly shows teachers and students how to SOUND OUT words - using a human voice.

The student can sit at the computer and hear the stories, click on any word they are not sure of, and have it SOUNDED OUT for them: unless of course it is a special word - in which case the word is spoken.

The student can:

·         Hear a story, turning the page when they are ready.

·        Click on a word to have it sounded out.

·        Play various activities relating to each story.

·        Re-write the story themselves: save, edit, update and print.

This software is recommended for students who are slow learners - and also for eager students who wish to race ahead and understand a larger range of sounds.