Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x

Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x

Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x

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TEN MORE exciting stories that children can read for themselves, adding key new sounds and special words.

 21x-30x Word Skills includes: an easy introduction to multiple choice comprehension, an earlier intro to grammar, and a simple but effective start to persuasive writing.

 New Sounds 21x-30x Readers

This final set of ten new stories fills certain gaps in the sounding out skills. It clears up mysteries such as: 

  • the final -le as in apple
  • the difference between the soft th as in this, and the hard th as in thin
  • the three kinds of final -ed:
    • -ed as in landed (like ed)
    • -ed as in stayed (like d)
    • -ed as in looked (like t)
  • tch sounds as ch as in witch
  • dge sounds as j as in ledge
  • angengongung as in hanglengthsong & lung
  • al as in alsoalwaysalreadyaltogether